June 13- June 26 

Our first night in Auckland included hearing about the Pulse Nightclub shooting. I think that will be a heart wrenching memory for as long as I live. And I hope to never forget it.

The next few weeks brought us more information on the shooting but they also ushered us into our new adventure. We explored Auckland and Piha and tried to get our bearings, thus the lack of extensive photos.

Auckland's tribute to the Pulse victims. This is one of the first things we saw when we landed. Our taxi driver explained to us, as best he knew, what had happened. 

And finally... New Zealand! This is Auckland, the City of Sails. Sky Tower is on the left.

Viaduct Harbour

Silo Park next to the harbour. Yes, "harbour" because New Zealand used to be a part of the British Commonwealth. It is now part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Anyway, they include the "u" and I'm not about to tell them they shouldn't.

Silo Park is artistic and neat. I love cities that infuse themselves with creativity.

This city remains lovely, even in winter.

This is Bonnie. We started our trip with house and pet sitting. It's a great way to make traveling easy and affordable. Anyhow, back to Bonnie. New Zealand has many rabbits (not a native species). Bonnie loves rabbits. Bonnie loves to chase rabbits. Bonnie is faster than me. *sigh*

Exploring our new and lush backyard. 

Overlooking Auckland. Don't ask me how the colors are this intense. I don't understand it either. And it's not the camera. If you don't believe me, visit.

Piha and the infamous Lion Rock.

Piha has an incredible black sand beach.