Can't kick off the new life without some proper downtime. Plus, these Cali kids needed some beach time before hitting winter in New Zealand. Apparently, Fiji is to New Zealand as Mexico is to the US. It's just where you go. Look at us, fitting in to the Kiwi lifestyle without even meaning to. *air five*

Catan, is that you?!

The colors of paradise always include turquoise. 


We were up before sunrise every morning. Not by choice, but we certainly weren't unhappy to have the beach and sunrise to ourselves.

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Did we tell you? Our little paradise is called Bounty Island.

Sunsets over mainland Fiji.

Every single you went had a gorgeous view.

We made friends with the locals.

Our street ;)

We'll end on this lovely note. This is the marina we were ferried to and from Bounty Island.